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DPO Accountants en belastingconsulenten
Tel +32 (9) 255.50.94
Fax +32 (9) 255.50.95
@. accountant(at)dpo(dot)be

DPO Bedrijfsrevisoren
Tel +32 (9) 255.50.96
Fax +32 (9) 255.50.87
@. revisor(at)dpo(dot)be

Kantoren en parking
Gentstraat 337
9041 Gent (Oostakker)

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DPO Accountants & Tax Consultants - DPO Auditors


DPO Accountants and Tax Consultants – Executive Summary

Who we are

DPO is a services provider company of chartered auditors, chartered public accountants, tax consultants, bookkeepers and legal advisers.

Our people – our services

Our team consist of over 25 qualified collaborators and can provide services relating to 

  • Accounting (bookkeeping, annual accounts, cost-accounting, …
  • Taxes (draw-up and fill-out tax forms for personal income tax (resident and non-resident), corporate income taxes (resident and non-resident), indirect taxes such as VAT…, advice on fiscal planning, registration tax, inheritance tax and double tax treaties, …)
  • Miscellaneous (start-up of companies, draw-up of financial plan, draw-up of articles of association, support with mergers & acquisitions, payroll administration,…)
  • Legal advice (specialised and tailor-made legal advice to private persons, companies and not-for-profit organisations, …)
From the beginning, quality and independence have been key drivers for DPO.

As a medium-size company, we provide ‘tailor-made’ services with a personal approach based on a high level of experience.
DPO takes a multidisciplinary approach to search for and implement solutions, as well as for their follow-up and evaluation.
In order to reinforce our leader position in our field, we need to guarantee the continuous delivery of high-quality services, thus meeting our customer’s requirements.

Our Customers

Our customers are both private persons as well as small, medium-sized and large companies (most family businesses). We also serve not-for-profit organisations.


Should you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.
DPO Accountants and Tax Consultants
Kleemstraat 84
9041 Oostakker (Gent)
Tel: +32 9 255 50 94
Fax: +32 9 255 50 95


Should you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.
DPO Auditors
Gentstraat 337
9041 Oostakker (Gent)
Tel: +32 9 255 50 96
Fax: +32 9 255 50 87